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Hi Tim,

We probably disagree a lot on the political side of things, but I appreciate your heart. I think another hard thing to understand and balance is that the Lord tells us that "the poor you will always have with you". I think it's a part of living in a fallen world. And, it's the responsibility of followers of Christ to ease suffering and shine the light of God's love into these hard situations.

I have lots more thoughts, but I should probably get back to work.


Tim Sean

Susan. Thanks for posting. Folks don't reply as much as they once did, the ebb and flow of the blogging phoneme, I suppose.

Oh, I don't know how much we would agree or disagree regarding politics. I'm a pretty malleable fella when it comes to secular politics. I basically think it's all corrupt, sometimes starting out well-intentioned and then gets corrupted, on both sides of the coin. I mostly think one ought to "follow the money." The human heart above all things is wicked. Sounds cynical, I know. I fight and pray against it.

My thoughts of God include you and what seems to be another difficult procedure. I pray you will be inhabited by God and this is overcome once and for all soon.

Michael Canaday

I'm pretty sure it was "cheesemakers." Blessed are the cheesemakers.

Just wanted to clarify.

(Oh, and on a serious note, that is sad about trick or treating. I have fond memories of that as a kid, and I think some communities still do it right, but mostly I think the tradition as I know it is about dead)

Kenneth Johnson

As a lifelong proponent of personal responsibility and free markets, reading this made me ask myself why, if personal responsibility is so important, did Jesus make relatively no mention of it compared with exhortations to care for the less fortunate. This occurred to me when you cited Matthew 25 for one side of the argument but had not biblical reference for the "pull yourself up by your own bootsraps" mentality.

Tim Sean

Kenneth. I actually thought of that whilst editing the post. There is that bit in Thessalonians about not getting to eat unless you work, but admittedly, those needing help get the starring role in the arc of scripture.

They come through our offices every day. The wounds are varied and run deep. Some can be overcome, some cannot. How we respond, whether it be through public policy, or through private approaches, is of ultimate importance.

Nancy Reese

That reading from Thessalonians was Sunday's, right? I love your phrase, 'those needing help get the starring role in the arc of scripture.' I doubt if we need much inspiration to cause us to insist that others pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Those thoughts and words seem to come easily to us. It's caring for the less fortunate, even if they are not grateful enough to make us feel good about our generosity, where we need inspiration.

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